We’ve built an ecosystem
to buy and hold cryptos to get loans without any other requirement.

BitBankCoin is the future of decentralized finance. It is the best ecosystem adapted to all socio-professional categories. Its mission is to solve the blockchain trilemma equation: Scalability _Security _decentralization.

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BitBankCoin Staking

BitBankCoin ($BBC) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency, redefining financial market possibilities by offering bank loans without any requirements. The Loanex ecosystem is positioned as an innovative solution, allowing investors to access traditional loans using their BitBankCoin cryptocurrency as collateral on the Loanex platform.

The concept is based on using Loanex’s native cryptocurrency, BitBankCoin, as a powerful asset, providing a reliable and transparent alternative for investors looking to maximize their returns while minimizing risks.

BitBankCoin, at the heart of this initiative, promises to play a central role in transforming the financial landscape, providing a pragmatic path to providing loans to stakeholders, i.e. investors who choose to stake their coins BitBankCoins on the Loanex platform.

As Loanex and BitBankCoin establish themselves as key entities in the cryptocurrency market, this initiative ingeniously merges blockchain technology with traditional financial mechanisms, opening new avenues for those looking to fully benefit from the growth exponential growth of the sector while minimizing.

Eligibility Criteria

Any person of good moral character, regardless of nationality who has legally accumulated BitBankCoin tokens whose sole purpose is to free themselves financially is eligible to participate in the staking program. The BitBankCoin cryptocurrency cannot be used to finance terrorist activities and its corollaries.

  1. Eligibility criteria and terms of staking BitBankCoin tokens without bank loans

Any investor who has fulfilled the conditions announced above can participate in the BitBankCoin coin staking program. The minimum number of coins to stake is set at $5000BBC. The deadlines and interest rates are as follows:



Staking duration Interest rate
Three (3) months 20%
Six (6) months 30%
Nine (9) months 40%
Twelve (12) months 60%


Once the duration is chosen, the investor can no longer unlock their BitBankCoin tokens before the staking period has expired.

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of questions and answers on BitbankCoin, Staking and few other questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

BitBankCoin ($BBC) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency, redefining financial market possibilities by offering bank loans without any requirements.

The investor gets loans without any other requirement

The minimum of loan is $50

Yes! The stakeholders benefit of 2 APY. The investor who gets more than $500 of loan is eligible to advertise his products and services on all platforms of Loanex.

One month before the dealine of the staking period


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